The history of the Accademia Gallery Florence
( Galleria dell’accademia di firenze )

The Accademia Gallery Florence, as it is known today, was originally a convent and hospital. This explains the landmark’s simple, unassuming exterior. In 1784, Pietro Leopoldo, the then Grand Duke of Tuscany, founded the Galleria dell’Accademia as a practical teaching facility for the Academy of Fine Arts students at this very location.

The Accademia was redesigned and improved over time with beautiful artworks from around religious places. There is no doubt that Michelangelo’s David sculpture is the most famous attraction in this gallery. There have been several replicas of the sculpture, but the original has been housed at the Accademia Gallery since 1873 when it was moved to the Piazza of Signoria. Emilio de Fabris designed a special skylight above the David to make it appear more magnificent.

Over the years works have been transferred to the Accademia including Michelangelo’s statues of the Prisoners and St.Matthew. Other noteworthy artworks at the Accademia Gallery include the plaster model of Giambologna’s Rape of the Sabine Woman and the Stradivarius instruments in the Museum of Musical Instruments.

accademia gallery florence
accademia gallery florence
accademia gallery florence


Visitors must undergo a security inspection to access the Museum and ensure everyone’s safety.

Items like scissors, blades and other metal objects that could harm people or the artworks on display will be collected by the security staff at the entrance to the Museum and left at the metal detector.

The Museum does not have a cloakroom. Therefore visitors with large bags and backpacks, helmets, etc., will not be allowed to enter. Access is allowed for bottles of water not exceeding 0.5 litres.

Lost items

Objects left at the metal detector and not collected during the visit will remain in custody at the Museum until the first Tuesday of the following month. After this date, they will be considered lost objects and delivered to the Lost and Found Office of the Municipality of Florence ( via Veracini 5/5, 50144 Florence, tel. +39 055 334802, fax +39 055 3246473, e-mail [email protected] ), in accordance with current legislation.

The same procedure will be followed for objects lost by visitors inside the Museum. The Museum does not under any circumstances provide for the shipment of forgotten or lost objects.

Reserve timed tickets for Accademia Gallery Florence

From Tuesday 21 June 2022, groups of a maximum of 20 people, including guides, are allowed. Headphones ( whisper ) are mandatory for all groups of 8 people​ or more.

Accademia Gallery Ticket options and other helpful information can be found here.


The museum is equipped with facilities for persons with disabilities.
The entrance and ticket office is accessible from Via Ricasoli 60. Each of the halls and galleries that are open for the exhibition is completely wheelchair accessible.
An accessible restroom is available on the ground floor, near the lift.

Visit the official website of the Accademia Gallery Florence for more information about visitors’ services and other important information.

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