BOBOLI GARDENS – Giardino Boboli

In the Boboli Gardens, you’ll find a wide variety of sculptures, grottoes, and fountains, making it the largest open-air museum in Florence. A rich culture and history have been accumulated over four centuries, beginning in the 15th century.

The beautiful Boboli Gardens are directly behind Pitti Palace. A style of Italian garden was established by the Medici family, which would become a model for many European courts.

There are many ancient and Renaissance statues dotted throughout the vast green expanse with a standard design. There are caves, including the famous Bernardo Buontalenti grotto, as well as large fountains such as the Fountain of Neptune and the Fountain of the Ocean in the Gardens.


Later, the Habsburg-Lorraine and Savoy dynasties extended the boundaries of the ancient city walls to Porta Romana. There are beautiful terraced gardens with an 18th-century pavilion and Lemon House built by Zanobi del Rosso in 1777 and 1778.

The Kaffeehaus is a rare example of Rococo architecture in Tuscany. By visiting Boboli Gardens, which are an integral part of Pitti Palace, one is able to fully appreciate the spirit of court life and appreciate the gardens, which, although constantly updated, remain true to their original design.

Over the centuries, both the Medici and the Lorraine families continued to enrich and enlarge the garden, transforming it into an outdoor museum exhibiting Roman and Renaissance statues. There are many highlights of the gardens to discover along your walk, notably the Amphitheatre, the Citta di Venezia, the Garden of the Cavaliere, the Koffeehouse, and the Grotta Grande.

Closing Days First and last Monday of each month.


Here you can find all the information you need to visit Boboli Gardens in Florence 

Boboli Gardens – OPENING HOURS

Timetable 2022

Opening Days From Monday to Sunday

Opening Hours: 8.15

Closing Hours: 4.30 pm in January, February, November, and December.

5.30 pm in March and October (with Standard Time)

6.30 pm in March (with Daylight Savings Time), April, May, September, and October (with Daylight Savings Time).

7.10 pm June, July, and August

1 January, 25 December

Notes: The Porcelain Museum remains closed for refurbishment works until further notice.

The last admission to the Boboli Gardens is always an hour before closing.

The Gardens can be subject to temporary closures or changes of the opening hours due to weather emergencies which could injure persons and damage things.

Boboli Gardens – TICKET PRICES

Single ticket

Single ticket for the Boboli Gardens.

Free admission to the Garden of Villa Bardini with a ticket to the Boboli Gardens.

Regular 10€

Combined Pitti + Boboli (single price)

Purchase your ticket here at 22€


Eligibility criteria for reduced-price tickets 2€

Free admission

Eligibility criteria for free admission 0€

Entrance reservation

How it works 3€

Annual pass

Unlimited priority admission to the Boboli Gardens, valid for one year starting from the date chosen by the visitor at the time of the pass issue.

Single price 25€

Annual pass

Unlimited priority admission to the Uffizi, Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens, valid for one year starting from the date chosen by the visitor at the time of the pass issue. Read more

One person 70€

Family 100€

Passepartout 5 Days

Single ticket for five consecutive days for Uffizi, Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens. Read more

Regular 38€

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